Super Seal 500ml - Inflatable Boat and Toy Sealant

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Super Seal 500ml - Inflatable boat and toy sealant.

SUPER SEAL, stops air leaks on your inflatable from the inside out. Seals minor pin hole and small leaks, seam leaks and material porosity leaks. SUPER SEAL can be used on inflatable boats, air floors, kayaks, canoes, toys and much more. Follow as directed for a perfect seal.

For PVC, Hypalon, CSM, Neoprene, Vinyl, PU and Rubber Materials

- Easy to use

- Seals seam leaks

- Plugs small holes and porosity leaks

500mL - 16 oz.


This product is fantatic and very easy to use. My 20 year old boat was full of micro leaks. Poured a jug of this into the chambers, rolled it around, and like magic, the leaks were gone. Saved me from doing a multitued of patches... 

Graham C.…

This product has saved thousands of dollars for our customers. Why pacth the small leaks when you can use a jug of this and seal it from the inside out. This product has been used and approved for military, fire, and rescue boat applications.


Tech Tips/Notes:

- Heat and Agitation help cure this product quickly
- Can stay in a liquid state in cooler temps. and if agitation isn't present.
- Remove air-valves if possible before pouring into chambers
- Clean any spillage with soapy water and wipe area with clean dry cloth.

Volume: 500ml  /  16oz.
Used On: Inflatable boats, rubber boats, rubber toys, stand up paddle boards (SUP), inflatable kayaks, inflatable tubes, inflatable toys, and more
Country of origin: Canada